Conference speaker,
consultant, trainer, coach,
business writer

I have been an organization development, human resources, leadership and management author, practitioner, and consultant for over 25 years.

My positions and projects have supported large and small organizations in industries including health care, manufacturing, services, nonprofit, and government. My sweet spots include: large group presentations, senior team development, performance management, executive coaching, talent management, succession planning, organizational agility, and middle management effectiveness.

I’ve provided:

  • Executive and management development
  • Team and behavioral training
  • Coaching
  • Integrated talent management solutions
  • Human resources strategies and leadership

M-Prize Winner

I was awarded Grand Prize for the M-Prize for Management Innovation in 2010 and have taught business courses as an adjunct professor at Baltimore Community College and the University of Houston.


I earned an undergraduate degree in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Maryland and a Master of Fine Art degree from Goddard College.

Business writing

You can reach me at [email protected] to explore how I can support your project as a conference speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, or business writer. I can provide autographed books for your leadership or human resources teams upon request.

10 Steps to Be a Successful Manager, 2nd Edition

NEW updated edition! I have great respect for managers and believe they are the engines within our organizations. It’s a burden and a privilege and a role that impacts many people. In this book, I share what great managers do to bring out the best in others to produce exceptional results.

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Two Weeks to a Breakthrough

In the second edition of this book I share ways you can make major progress toward any goal in two weeks or less. Small actions you can take that make a big impact. Move beyond your fears and bad habits to generate breakthroughs in spite of the overwhelming clutter of everyday life.

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Coaching Basics

One of the quickest and most effective ways for you to affect an organization is through coaching. Coaching yields short-term and long-term payoffs. Helping others achieve their goals boosts results today and builds the organization’s skills for tomorrow. Coaching Basics presents a concept of coaching targeted and focused on helping clients move their goals forward.

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Double the Love: 11 Secrets for Cultivating Highly Accountable and Engaged Teams

In this book I share a simple but effective model for creating accountability and engagement with grit and, surprisingly, love at its heart. And I share 11 practical and profound secrets to help you hone your leadership practices and build performance velocity in your teams immediately.

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The High-Impact Middle Manager: Powerful Strategies to Thrive in the Middle

A must-have book for middle managers and those who coach or train them. Middle managers are the engines of their organization and theirs is a tough job. I have the greatest respect for middle managers and have created this book to help managers succeed.

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Focus Like a Laser Beam: 10 Ways to Do What Matters Most

Managers and leaders are asked to handle impossible workloads. The best ones know how to focus on the tasks which most directly affect their bottom-line results. Laser focused leaders can energize their work environment and promote active and relevant business dialogue.

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Coaching Up and Down the Generations

Coaching Up and Down the Generations is a book that will help you build a multi-directional learning and collaboration environment. In it, I offer practices and models that will help individuals, managers, trainers, and human resources professionals cut through the barriers that generational differences present.

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Never-Ending New Beginnings: The Best of the Management Craft Blog

I blogged about management, leadership and personal success for ten years on my blog called Management Craft. This eBook includes my favorite posts.

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