How does mission affect my writing?

We love tales with twists, near misses, triumphs, conflicts, and flawed but determined heroes—in fiction and real life. Run of the mill successes are important but unremarkable, but that night we snuck into the monks’ hot springs makes for a great story.

Below, you’ll find a sampling of short stories and essays that manifest my personal mission to live and write about a more misadventurous life. 

Nonfiction Essays

I seek to live and envision a more misadventurous life in large and small ways. To be deliberate about challenging myself, going to the edge, and getting out of my comfort zone. And then to share these encounters with abandon. It’s truth, with a wee bit of…embellishment.

Early Bird Special

This essay is about frog legs and the smarmy boss I encountered when I worked as a hostess at an all-you-can-eat joint in Cape Coral, FL. The Mid-Level Management Literary Magazine published this piece here.

I Need a Bell

This essay is the mostly true story about my quest to acquire a protective bell for my motorcycle. Published by the Defenestration Literary Magazine here.

Attention Shoppers

This essay/writing craft piece/farce-but-not-farce is the mostly true story of a book signing disaster. The legendary editor Alan Rinzler published this piece on his website here.

The Kiwi Bird Walks Like a Man

True story of an evening in the woods in New Zealand where we attempted to see an endangered Kiwi in its natural habitat. Published by inTravel Mag and can be read on their website here.

Coming to Fruition: A Manifesto

Essay about helping four seniors self-publish their writing. Find on the blog here.

Short Stories

I love creating complex characters who think and live large. I give some of them superpowers to remember, relish, and learn from past misadventures. It’s fiction, grounded in a wee bit of truth.

Marks Holiday Letter

Humorous fictional story of how Daggar Marks described his and his wife’s year including their new business selling robot dog stud services. Published by Nat 1 LLC, “File Not Found” anthology available at here.

Career Advice for the Dying

Earned honorable mention in the Tulip Tree Review humor contest – purchase here. This is an oddball satirical piece about career coaching services for those diagnosed with a terminal illness that I hope makes readers think, wait – is this really a thing?

Welcome to the Neighborhood

2,200 words. On submission and available. A woman learns her new neighborhood is crawling with killers as she gets drunk scrolling Facebook. Very funny piece!